cheapest customers – those who spend Mali Email List less than $30 per order – contribute only 12.6% to the bottom line. Revenue distribution based on average order value While I don’t have many big spenders in my customer pool, they are the customers Mali Email List that generate the most revenue for my business. To break this down: My top 10% of customers yield 51% of our revenues My top 20% of customers yield 67% of our revenues In other words, my Mali Email List top 20% of customers are generating the bulk (67%) of our sales, and that’s where my focus should be. This is also known as the 80/20 (67% is close enough) rule of business:) Find your top 20% of

Clicks Are Only Part of the Equation

customers and give them special treatment! HOW Mali Email List TO INCREASE YOUR CUSTOMER LTV STEP BY STEP Now that you recognize the importance of LTV for your business, we’re ready to discuss how to go about increasing it. Below is a step-by-step Mali Email List guide you should bookmark and follow. STEP 1: INCREASE YOUR AVERAGE ORDER VALUE By increasing your AOV, you increase your customer LTV. So your first step is to increase the money Mali Email List a customer spends in any given transaction. With a higher AOV, you can also afford to spend more on ads, make a higher profit per sale, and generate more revenue for the same amount of work

Mali Email List
Mali Email List

. Here are some ways you can increase your average Mali Email List order value. INCREASE YOUR FREE SHIPPING THRESHOLD The quickest and simplest way to increase your AOV is to raise your free shipping threshold by 15–20% or by the cost of an additional Mali Email List item in your shop. For example, if your average order size is $50, then set your free shipping threshold at $60. This should encourage customers to add more items to their shopping cart to qualify for free Mali Email List shipping. Warning: Increasing or lowering your free shipping threshold may or may not have an effect, depending on consumer behavior. I recommend you experiment

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