Coffee 2 MVMT 3 Press 4 Beardbrand 5 Luxy Hair Netherlands WhatsApp Number List Ready? Let’s ride along. 1. DEATH WISH COFFEE Blog URL: Key takeaway: Use content to capture leads and grow your email list. Screenshot of Death Wish Coffee blog Death Wish Coffee sells some of the world’s strongest coffee. Its blog Netherlands WhatsApp Number List shares information coffee drinkers will find interesting, such as “How coffee can help burn fat” and “Which coffees work best for cold brew.” They also use the blog to share product Netherlands WhatsApp Number List launches and company news. Screenshot of Death Wish Coffee blog Its approach to content marketing has helped it to gain traction across

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search engines and it ranks for coffee-related Netherlands WhatsApp Number List keywords, which means more reach to its target customers: coffee lovers. For example, this shows the blog owning the featured snippet for the search phrase “coffee before workout.” Screenshot of Netherlands WhatsApp Number List Death Wish Coffee owning the featured snippet for the search phrase “coffee before workout.” This query alone receives over 2,200 searches per month in Google, with around 50% of those Netherlands WhatsApp Number List searches resulting in the user clicking through to a website (according to Ahrefs). Ahrefs also estimates this post generates 758 monthly visits for Death Wish Coffee, and overall the blog receives over 42,000 monthly visits

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from organic search results. That’s 42,000 visits Netherlands WhatsApp Number List for FREE. Every. Month. Sounds pretty incredible, doesn’t it? But how does Death Wish Coffee convert these searchers into customers? First, the blog features several lead capture Netherlands WhatsApp Number List opportunities, including a pop-up offering a 10% discount to first-time buyers who join their list (this opens up after a visitor has been on the blog for around 5-10 seconds): Screenshot of Death Wish Netherlands WhatsApp Number List Coffee pop-up It also has an email subscription call to action (CTA) underneath each post: Screenshot of Death Wish Coffee with an email subscription call to action (CTA) underneath each post Every page on the blog also

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