today’s postmodern society, there are two Ghana Email List fundamental problems related to finding data and sources. On the one hand, too much information Ghana Email List has been produced (and continues to be produced) both in written sources, especially in electronic media. The Mexican essayist Gabriel Zaid had noticed, in 1972, the existence of too many Ghana Email List books (multiplied in geometric proportion), but few readers (multiplied in arithmetic proportion). Just as food would not supply all of humanity in an overcrowded future, readers would not be able to read every published book. In short, since the last century, we are heading to a world with more authors than readers.

Without A Website In Today’s Global Market?

In academia, this can make our position as Ghana Email List formal source researchers difficult in the face of such saturation. On the other hand, the speed with which the information is published has made it difficult to distinguish between its truthfulness, imprecision Ghana Email List or falsehood. The rate of information disseminated is so accelerated that it does not allow us to verify its origin, much less does it allow us the time necessary to find out and contrast (Fernández 2019). In Ghana Email List this area, we face the risk of inaccurate and false information. Just as false news is characterized by its rapid dissemination based on its immediacy and the lack of rigor of the reader an imprecise source.

Ghana Email List
Ghana Email List

embodies the reader’s little conviction to find out Ghana Email List academically a topic. Reliability criteria from an academic source In this way, we ask ourselves: how can I know that a source of information is reliable? How can I tell that a source is formal Ghana Email List or informal? Remember that a reliable source is a formal, truthful and accurate source. Thus, the formality of a text depends on two aspects that we must always consider when selecting them Ghana Email List to prepare academic articles. First of all, at a paratextual level (aspects beyond the writing of the academic text itself), we have to consider the following criteria: What is the origin of the source ? We must be careful how we find the.

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