But sometimes brands decide to use unique Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List names for each territory they enter. A great example of this is Rexona, an Australian deodorant brand. In the U.S., you might know Rexona as Degree, in the UK it’s called Sure, in Japan and Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List South Korea it’s called Rexona, and it’s known as Shield in South Africa. Global Marketing Strategy: Screenshot of Rexona logos in different countries So why do some brands changes Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List names in different locations? There are plenty of reasons for this but the most common include: The brand name is already in use: Before Burger King expanded to Australia, the name ‘Burger King’ was already trademarked by another

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restaurant, so it had to rebrand.[*] Adapting to Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List local language: Brands sometimes change their name to adapt to the local language. For example, UK cleaning brand ‘Mr Muscle’ is known as ‘Mr Musculo’ in Latin America.[*] Using local, recognized names: You might know “Lay’s” chips, but in the UK, “Lay’s” is called “Walkers” and in Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List Australia the same chips are called “Smith’s.” This is because PepsiCo Inc., the owner of all these brands, acquires local businesses and keeps the original names when they expand into new Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List markets.[*] As you think about your global marketing plan, research your brand and how it might connect with consumers across

Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List
Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List

markets. It’s also worth checking that your brand name Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List isn’t deemed rude or inappropriate in certain languages or cultures. 4. LOCALIZE YOUR MESSAGING Building on the brand point above, every country will respond to different messaging. This could be subtle things like how Hungry Jack’s uses emojis in all of its Facebook Ads: Global Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List Marketing Strategy: Screenshot of Hungry Jack Whereas Burger King U.S. doesn’t use any emojis: Global Marketing Strategy: Screenshot of Burger King Or you could Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List localize the pain points your copy addresses, like QuickBooks. In the U.S., QuickBooks’ homepage talks about saving time with organization and

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