his post, he encourages his followers to Benin Phone Numbers List sign up for his email list while offering them a freebie when they do. 28. Post in Facebook groups 98% of the people you know use Facebook. That means that a gigantic portion of your target Benin Phone Numbers List audience is also using Facebook. There is also a Facebook group for almost everything under the sun. Posting high-value posts that link to my opt-in offer is how I grew my list quickly. If done in Benin Phone Numbers List a value-added way as opposed to spamming, this can be a great way to grow your list with a group of highly engaged members of your target audience. Always give more than you take and remember to add value

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before you post your opt-in offer. 29. Start a Benin Phone Numbers List subscribers-only Facebook group Facebook Groups have a ton of benefits for your business, but they can also grow your email list. Create a private Facebook Group with the entry Benin Phone Numbers List requirement that you need to be a subscriber of your email list to join. Here’s what Sherouk & Co. did: [*] How To Build An Email List: Screenshot of questions to join Facebook group, which includes request for email address When requesting to join their Facebook group, they ask Benin Phone Numbers List a few questions, one of which is to request for your email address. By inserting your email address, you are added to their email list. Most of

Benin Phone Numbers List
Benin Phone Numbers List

the time, they would make it mandatory to add Benin Phone Numbers List your email address to join the group. Do the same for your Facebook group. As your group grows, so will your email list — the larger the number, the more social proof, and the more people will want to be a part of it. 30. Use Instagram stories swipe up feature If you’re on Instagram, head Benin Phone Numbers List over to your Stories and browse for the Swipe Up feature. If you can’t find it, don’t worry. You need to qualify for it. The requirements for having the Swipe Up feature are: Have a business Benin Phone Numbers List account Have more than 10,000 followers If you fulfill both requirements, you can start using the feature. When you

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