For example, UGG sends back-in-stock emails to Mongolia Email List potential customers who tried to buy out of stock products on its site. Every time one of these emails is opened, it’s a micro-conversion. So if UGG can optimize open and clickthrough rates for these Mongolia Email List messages, it can increase macro-conversions (sales). UGG sends back-in-stock emails And at Sumo, SEO is a key strategy. Every click to a Sumo blog post from a search engine is a Mongolia Email List micro-conversion and brings people into the top of Sumo’s funnel. By knowing how much traffic Sumo generates from search engines and growing that figure month-on-month, Sumo can build better awareness of its brand and.

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product. Here’s a snapshot of Sumo’s organic Mongolia Email List blog traffic over a 12-month period. Individually each of these micro-conversions is a small win, but you can see how these micro-conversions add up to create a big impact (1.3m+ visits): Snapshot of Sumo’s organic blog traffic over a 12-month period If you don’t identify and measure micro-conversions Mongolia Email List you are missing out on HUGE opportunities to grow your business. Even small improvements will compound and result in big payoffs. 8 MICRO-CONVERSION EXAMPLES (AND HOW TO MEASURE THEM) 1. EMAIL CAPTURE Sumo knows just how important it is to grow an email list, and capturing email leads is a huge win for any business. With micro-conversions, capturing an email is one of the.

Mongolia Email List
Mongolia Email List

most important. It takes a lot to get someone to Mongolia Email List opt-in to communications from a brand — especially via email — so someone sharing their email address with your business is a HUGE sign that they are interested in what you’re offering. Want to see Mongolia Email List the power of capturing email leads? Look no further than Appium. Its email marketing strategy has helped it to capture over 1.8million email addresses and it now sends 4 emails per week to around 60,000 recipients Mongolia Email List and makes $30,000 in revenue per email. Email marketing strategy result on Appium That’s impressive right? But driving all of this revenue wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for the focus on.

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