fire Industry: Ecommerce Why It Works: Having your Guadeloupe Email List customers comb through information in an endless stream of questions is the definition of a #BadUX. Kettle & Fire does a solid job presenting its FAQs, even though it has hundreds of Guadeloupe Email List answered questions.[*] Rather than having users scroll through thousands of words, the F&B ecommerce site includes a search bar for them to find answers easily and shows the FAQs Guadeloupe Email List by subject, saving customers loads of time. Note that Kettle & Fire is using a knowledge base software for its FAQ page. If you have hundreds of FAQs like they do, it’s worth investing in one to keep your content in

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order. 4. ANGELA RODGERS faq examples Angela Guadeloupe Email List Rodgers Industry: Freelancing Why It Works: Here’s another effective approach to save users from scrolling through multiple questions that don’t apply to what they’re looking for. Copywriter Guadeloupe Email List Angela Rodgers adds her FAQs on her services page.[*] There’s no need to look for more information elsewhere; all the related content is in one place. The toggle widget adds a clean touch. Guadeloupe Email List When users land on the page, they see the question of each text box item. It’s only when they click in the box that it expands and the answer appears. 5. SINGLE GRAIN faq examples single grain Industry:

Guadeloupe Email List
Guadeloupe Email List

Agency Why It Works: Single Grain lists its FAQs Guadeloupe Email List from their customers’ viewpoint.[*] Fun Fact: The agency is not the only one that uses this approach. If you reread this guide, you’ll notice ALL the examples list their questions from the point of Guadeloupe Email List view of their customers. Why do this? Writing questions from the perspective of your customers creates a conversational tone and helps them connect your answers to their Guadeloupe Email List own lives. 6. B-SCHOOL faq examples marie forleo b school Industry: Business Why It Works: Are your potential customers asking questions not covered on your FAQ page? You don’t want frustrated users abandoning your website.

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