After seeing how facebook has. Managed to beat time surviving for more than. A decade in people’s tast, something that neither myspace .Or friendster achieved at the time.T is timely to ask how it managed to do it in such a changing world. After seeing how facebook has managed to beat time surviving for more. Than a decade in people’s taste. Something that neither myspace or friendster achieved at the time. It is timely to ask how they managed. To do it in such a changing world. The answer could undoubtedly be “Evolution”.Since zuckerberg and his team managed to understand. Not only what people want but also began to. Define where social technology should point. Entering a field that until then was governed by google.

The facebook we knew when we entered

For the first time is nothing like the one we navigate today.  Buy Kenya WhatsApp Numbers  And the change is not only aesthetic with more stylized. Buttons and interfaces, the change comes from within. From the way it operates and makes the two billion users continue. To enter the platform daily and always want more. One of the great bets that facebook made at the time was. The creation of its content algorithm. Which at the time it called edgerank since it determines .The content that users are going to see and that they. Are not going to see based on a large number of factors.

Thanks to this algorithm what

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We see today in our newsfeed is not only relevant. But also meaningful to us and that is exactly what makes us .Come back every day for more. In addition to the algorithm facebook realized long a.Go that if it wanted to compete with google in advertising. It needed to offer advertisers something. They couldn’t find elsewhere, such as people’s habits, tastes. And customs. To achieve this zuckerberg’s company uses. A veritable arsenal of platforms and tools to find out. In as much detail as possible what its users do. A technology that we have all used, but few appreciate its importance is “social login.Which could be defined as the option to enter a restricted. Site or platform using our facebook username and password.

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