in the previous reading phase. Therefore, it is Dominican Republic Email List necessary to apply learning strategies such as underlining (or highlighting) and summing up. Underlining or highlighting key concepts and ideas during reading will allow the student to Dominican Republic Email List identify and select the most important information in the text. This capacity for discernment will be achieved with careful and careful reading. In the process, when the student does not Dominican Republic Email List know the meaning of some words, they can turn to a physical or virtual dictionary and, when the understanding of the sentences is difficult, they can elaborate reformulations or paraphrases of them. In addition, it is advisable to.

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insert questions or comments in the margins Dominican Republic Email List of the text pages., by way of annotations. In this way, the reader becomes active: he produces or builds knowledge from the knowledge of the other (in this case, the author of the text). As Dominican Republic Email List Josefina Peña, a professor at the School of Education at the Universidad de loss Andes, points out, “by incorporating the meaning obtained from reading a text into their knowledge, the reader is modifying their conceptual schemes, that is, they are expanding the Dominican Republic Email List information pre-existing and at the same time is preparing to acquire new information ”(2000: 160). This allows the reader to be

Dominican Republic Email List
Dominican Republic Email List

not as an empty container that must be “filled” by Dominican Republic Email List the knowledge of others, but rather is proposed to a model of reader whose knowledge or previous experiences contribute to creating new knowledge based on what has been read. In Dominican Republic Email List the post- reading phase, the main disadvantage for the student is not being able to express, in his own words, the text read. In addition to using the underlining and summing strategies, it is necessary to use two additional reading strategies: indexing (that is, bibliographic Dominican Republic Email List summary cards) and graphic organizers (such as concept maps or synoptic tables). Using these resources will allow the student

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