their name if you truly need it. See how Noah Namibia Phone Number List Kagan does this on his email newsletter squeeze page:[*] Squeeze Page: Screenshot of Noah Kagan If you need more information, don’t ask for it until AFTER your visitor submitted their Namibia Phone Number List initial email, such as through a two-step squeeze page. First, they enter their email or click a button, THEN you ask for any more information you may need. For example, the Sumo homepage Namibia Phone Number List has ONE form for a website URL. Squeeze Page: Screenshot of Sumo squeeze page Once the visitors click the Let’s Go! button, we ask for their email address and new password to create a Sumo account. Squeeze Page:

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Screenshot of Sumo This works because once Namibia Phone Number List people commit to something, they’re more likely to follow through and finish. But they may not commit if they know all the work that’s involved. So hide the work until they’ve shown their commitment Namibia Phone Number List by clicking your CTA button. HOW TO CREATE AN INSTANT SQUEEZE PAGE USING SUMO WELCOME MAT Ready to create your squeeze page? Here’s a five-step guide to creating a Namibia Phone Number List squeeze page using Sumo Welcome Mat. STEP 1: SIGN UP FOR SUMO (FREE) AND ADD YOUR WEBSITE Once you sign up for Sumo (If you have an existing Sumo account, go to the Sumo dashboard), click the + Add

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Morocco Phone Number List

New Site button. Squeeze Page: Screenshot of Namibia Phone Number List steps to sign up for Sumo and adding to website Then just follow the instructions to set it up on your site! STEP 2: CREATE YOUR WELCOME MAT FORM Go to the Forms page and click + Create New Form. Squeeze Page: Screenshot of steps to creating welcome mat form Change the Form Namibia Phone Number List Type to Welcome Mat. Squeeze Page: Screenshot of steps to change form type to Namibia Phone Number List welcome mat Design your form the way you like it! Choose a template you like the looks of, then start editing the text. I personally like the Brand template. Squeeze Page: Screenshot of steps to choosing a template for the Sumo

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