Who registered the greatest growth in social network. Germany B2B List With 40 percent on facebook 60 percent on twitter. And 31 percent on instagramthis tuesday the third and. Last debate will take place between the candidates who are vying for the. Presidency of the country; the city of mérida will host the event. At the great museum of the mayan world given this. The attention of the media. As well as social networks have turned to the event. One of the most important points that this election will leave is the digital issue. Which according to a report published by el financiero. Is equivalent to five percent of the voters this means that the candidate who. Achieves a hook with internet users could take this percentage of voters to your basket.

Rés Manuel López Obrador Candidate of the

Even this data has been ratified with the conversation in real time.  Germany B2B List  On social networks while the candidates participated in the two. Debates prior to this third meeting. In such a way that understanding the behavior. Of the candidates for the presidency in this segment is important. To understand the trend as well as the mood. And preferences of internet users in the country. A report crowdtangle a monitoring and analysis platform, taken up by el universal.Indicated that the candidate for the coalition “Together we will make history. Andrés manuel lópez obrador , is the one who has registered the greatest. Growth in social networks with 40 percent on facebook . 60 percent on twitter and 31 percent on instagram .

Coalitiotogether We Will Make History Was the One

Germany B2B List

For his part the independent candidate.Germany B2B List  Jaime rodríguez “el bronco was the second candidate. Who registered the highest growth in the social .Network owned by mark zuckerberg with 27 percent. Followed by ricardo anaya candidate of the coalition. “for mexico to the front” with 24 percent; while josé antonio meade. From the “todos por méxico” coalition presented an increase of barely 10 percent. While on twitter meade was the second candidate. To show the biggest increase in the number. Of followers with 20 percent; anaya follows with 11 percent. While “El bronco” occupies the last place with 10 percent. Similarly, on instagram, meade is second with. 26 percent in follower growth followed in this case by jaime. Rodríguez with 22 percent and anaya in the last seat with 21 percent.

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