As the days go by. Actions increase in terms of activations and launches. Of products and services for the 2018 world cup in russia. One of them is the panini album .The italian publisher has the license to be offered as official fifa merchandise. Since its launch it has caused a furor among fans. Of one of the most popular sports in mexico soccer. Children and adults invest about. 2 thousand pesos in it since the hardcover edition is priced at 99 pesos.While each envelope costs 14 pesos. Which includes 5 stamps; it is a total of 682. Therefore the cost to fill the album is higher than two thousand pesos.

And why not if the brand’s marketing

Strategy focuses on staying current in the consumer.  Belize WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists ‘s mind through resources such as being attentive. To the digital conversation. And taking advantage of it. Such as in the case. Of a girl who reported that her dog ate her album. How to keep in touch with your co-workers while working. Remotely twitter user cris vales reported that.Hello friends a tragedy has happened to me. Yoda ate my world cup album in which I was missing less than 30 prints.

Decided to buy a new one because I’ve been

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Collecting them since ’94. So if her heart is for you to give .Me one of her repetitions. I’d appreciate it. The brand’s response was almost immediate. Finally the story concluded with a new album and the promotion of can’s instagram. Although the strategy is still effective. More and more brands are implementing. It (for example paleta payaso and tupperware) so it becomes. Less creative and more intentional. So brands will have to generate new ideas. In the end it is promotion for panini. But their engagement may be diminished by the loss of novelty in the strategy.

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