increase in likes on his Facebook page. 5% Swaziland Email List increase in comments and a 15% increase in likes on Boyle Facebook page Not bad for a simple page! Pete’s advice for freelancers interested in growing their business through thank you pages? “The Swaziland Email List most valuable element for me is the comment section. That information is worth its weight in gold.” Key Takeaway: Tailor your thank you page to the marketing channels your customers spend time in Swaziland Email List and use it as an opportunity to collect feedback. EXAMPLE 6. BOOST YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE [BACKLINKO] SEO expert Brian Dean created his thank you page with a specific goal in mind

The Powerful Value of Personalized Marketing

to direct his users to social media platforms he Swaziland Email List wanted to expand to and build his following on those sites. Thank you Swaziland Email List page from Backlinko “By the time someone lands on our thank you page, they’re already signed up. So what we do is try to cross-pollinate to another social network (right now we’re focusing on Twitter). It works super well! In fact, I’d estimate that we get 150-300 new Twitter followers per week from our Swaziland Email List thank you page. Not too shabby!” – Brian Dean, Founder of Backlink By encouraging his users to follow him on Twitter, Brian created a simple way to reach his followers across multiple platforms, making it easier for him to reach out with


Swaziland Email List
Swaziland Email List

relevant products and offerings. On top Swaziland Email List of that, Brian also realized the highly viral nature of Twitter, allowing him to create content that can then be shared easily among his followers, something that other freelancers can incorporate into Swaziland Email List their own thank you pages. Key Takeaway: Use your thank you page to direct traffic to marketing channels you want to expand. EXAMPLE 7. UPSELL YOUR PRODUCTS [OUTREACH MAMA] SEO strategist Ajay Paghdal created his thank you page with growth in mind. He offers both backlink building Swaziland Email List services and an anchor text suggestion software through his other business, Linkio. Thank you page from

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