email providers, but their guidelines give Rwanda Email List us good best practices for sending cold email campaigns. For a deeper dive on email deliverability, Appium’s post is highly recommended. First, if Google calls your message “spam,” it’s spam. For Rwanda Email List better or worse, they are the judge, jury, and executioner here. Luckily for us, Google posts clear guidelines on what is, and is not, spam. Sure, this message is addressed to “Jordan” in the body, but Rwanda Email List that doesn’t mean it’s not spam. The email is personalized, but it’s not personal. So, not only does this message go to spam, but it also doesn’t speak to any of Jordan’s specific needs, desires, or pain

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points. If we want to engage with prospective Rwanda Email List customers, we need to tell them something important about themselves, or their company’s position in a certain market. You may beg to differ and say, “Well, Jordan was selected for an exclusive Rwanda Email List offer here,” but the email does not say this offer is unique in any way to Jordan. Since Google marked this message as spam, that’s a pretty good indicator it’s not exclusive. Lastly, if your company sends emails that go to spam, this affects the deliverability of future emails. It’s likely that more Rwanda Email List of your emails will go to spam or bounce in the future. By sending spams emails, you are nuking.

Rwanda Email List
Rwanda Email List

your “sender reputation.” Your sender reputation Rwanda Email List determines the “tractability” of your email server, and the recipient’s email server uses this when deciding whether to put your cold outbound message in the junk folder. Having a low sender Rwanda Email List reputation doesn’t make your brand look great, either. Email deliverability is its own dark art, so we’ll just leave it at sending spam is no longer an actionable strategy and can adversely affect your Rwanda Email List use of email as a channel. DON’T TREAT YOUR PROSPECT’S EMAIL LIKE AN AD PLATFORM Brandon’s cardinal sin here is he is doing marketing, not sales, in this email. He’s treating Jordan’s inbox like.

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