On june 17 another edition of father’s day. Will be celebrated and thanks to digital channels. It is possible to make an accurate comparison o.F digital trends analyze different events and. Learn about the impact of the seasons to start selling through these channels.The use of the internet and social networks have been. A new means to start exploiting this space commercially. In addition from time to time new opportunities for action (and interaction) are generated since .They are the same platforms that change and adapt to the needs of customers in this industry. Within digital mediain this way, e-commerce pages. Can take advantage of the seasons, to anticipate the wishes of buyers. Since it can be a successful strategy in the future in the medium term.

For Example the National Confederation of Chambers of Commerce

Services and tourism estimated that the celebration of father’s day. Left an economic spill of 25 thousand 665. Million pesos in 2017.  Buy Ghana WhatsApp Numbers   By sector concanaco reported that mobile telephony. And electronics were the items with the highest. Demand by consumers, with a sale above 3.1 percent. While in terms of clothing and footwear. The increase would be 3.2 percent. In general merchandise such as cd’s wines.Movies and articles for personal care there was a growth of 3 percent. This represented an increase of 2.6 percent. Compared to the previous year. Although sales for mother’s. Day left an economic spill of 44 thousand 078 million pesos .In formally established businesses.

It Is a Fact That E-commerce Web Pages

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Can stand out with this type of initiative. Since it is a feasible way to expose yourself and obtain you go out. The above data demonstrates the importance. Of having a well-structured digital strategy to obtain. A better position and stand out in seasonal sales. For example using seasonal hashtags and. Keywords is an easy way to expand reach and tap into. Relevant conversations on social platforms. To help you create valuable content through hashtags. We present a compilation of the main keywords and hashtags. With the purpose of promoting #father’s day on june 17. Hashtags the classic hashtag related to #father’s day will be predictable. So the recommendation is to pay attention. To the trending section on twitter to identify new hashtags.

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