Grupo radio Centro temporgrupo radio CentroIn the first place Pakistan B2B List  Temporarily suspends toño esquincashare on Facebook. Share on twitter share on LinkedIn share .On WhatsApp share by email 06/08/2018 written by. Not to mention. Jazmin Garibay marketing digital marketing marketing radio Centro issued a statement. In which it reported that it will suspend the communicator. For a period of 30 business days. Yesterday morning .The trend Too sequence was one of those that guided the conversation on social. Networks in mexico and with it group radio Centro. The announcer who leads the alfa 91.3 fm station was in the middle of the controversy. After opening his radio program on wednesday with strong criticism. From Andres Manuel López obrador, presidential candidate for. The coalition together we will make history. His words from him.

Real Revolution Is Education the Real Revolution

Like a son of a bitch!. Pakistan B2B List  And not at 1:00 p.M. As usual he thus said goodbye to his audience saying that this could be the last time they heard him. Then a song abruptly cut off the broadcast.To say nothing of. Oday we officially know the reasons. Radio centro issued a statement. In which it reported that it will suspend the communicator for a period of 30 business days because he violated. The company’s code of ethics by insulting one of the .Presidential candidates. “he has a firm commitment first of all with the audience.In the first place. And secondly with mexico and with freedom of expression.

Is Enlightenment. Not Stupidity or Alienation

Pakistan B2B List

A value that this company has always protected by. Pakistan B2B List  Respecting the criticism and opinions that drivers and collaborators. Express through their media. However, this commitment maintains. Respect as a transversal line, which is why it rejects any insult directed. At any person under any circumstance ”clarendon .Is well-liked among video installers for its ability to change. A photo from soft to stunning. Clarendon is used practically. In the first place.  June second place is juno (especially used in four countries) is also a general purpose filter. In the first place. Imbues rich hues and pops reds oranges and yellows. Valencia and sierra by injecting warmth. A yellowish tone.

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