“We Share the Seven “grim Algorithms” Patented by Facebook That Speak Volumes About the True Intentions of the Social Network. The Search for Innovation Is Constant in All the Edges That Make Up the Market. Social Networks Are No Exception So It Is Common to Come Across Endless Patents. Registered by Various Platforms That Seek to Develop. Technology or Tools That Revolutionize the Social Media Environment. Under This Line It Is Not Surprising That as Reported by Gartner, 83 Percent. at the same time of the Budget That a Brand Allocates for Marketing. Which for Several Years Has Patented Various Developments That. Although They Could Seek to Improve the Service of the Platform.


Could Also Be a Further Violation of the Privacy of Its Users.

This Is Indicated by a Report Delivered by the New York Times, Which Lists Seven Patents That. Registered by the Social Interaction Platform Since 2012.Although They May Never See the Light. if They Demonstrate the Intentions of the Social Network to contact number list india Track and Analyze Life of People. The Interesting Thing Is to Know What the Reactions of the Audiences Could Be to These Intentions, After It Was Verified That, Despite the Cambridge Analytica Leak, the Social Network Did Not Suffer Great Losses in Terms of Its Subscriber Base.

With This in Mind We Share the Seven “Grim Algorithms”

contact number list india

Patented by Facebook That Speak Volumes About the True Intentions of the Social Network. Would You Close Your Account? With This Data, Brands Can Send Personalized Ads Not Only Based on Defined Lifestyles, but Also Anticipate Ads for Future Personal Situations (Going From an Engagement to a Marriage, for Example). Notwithstanding, the Patentthe Contacts to Determine With Whom It Socializes Most Frequently.  Even So / Though It Also Proposes Constant Monitoring When the Device Is at Rest to Determine the Hours That Users Spend Sleeping.


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