informative. I like to give a couple of quick facts Poland Email List about the product and at least one strong benefit (either a bulleted list that’s easy to skim or all in one concise sentence). Follow that with quick instructions on how to enter. Ex: “Submit your Poland Email List email address above to enter. Winner will be chosen by random drawing.” Give Away Then one of the most important things goes at the bottom — let them know they’ll be added to your newsletter, and Poland Email List that they can opt out at any time. This protects you from GDPR violations and from people hating on you later when you email them, because they’ll know it’s coming. C. DECIDING ON DURATION I

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strongly suggest running your giveaway for Poland Email List at least 10 days (I usually opt for 14). Entrants have time to promote it to its full extent, but it’s not so long that people forget who you are if they’re new to your brand. For example, after I got the Poland Email List first 500 entrants of one of my giveaways, it had been somewhere around seven days when Poland Email List a little miracle happened and pushed it past 1,500. If I only had a 7-day giveaway, I would have missed out on 1,000+ more, because the second wave hit on day 11. Deciding on duration of giveaway Obviously, you can’t just run a giveaway forever, or everyone who entered will forget who you are. You want

Poland Email List
Poland Email List

them to remember you, so I think 10-14 days is a Poland Email List good length of time. D. INTEGRATING WITH YOUR EMAIL SERVICE PROVIDER There is an option to hook up the giveaway entries to import directly into your email platform (such as Mailchimp Poland Email List or Send ox), but I suggest you don’t. You can export from KingSumo and import the emails after the giveaway. The reason I say not to hook up the integration is most email service providers charge Poland Email List you by the peak amount of subscribers you have in a given month. If you’re on the plan and you have an explosive giveaway with 5,000 new subscribers, you’re getting automatically.

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