partners, start first with brands where you Papua New Guinea Email List already have a connection — you know people who work there, or you use and like their products. At Jump Marketing, we often pair our clients together for giveaways since most of them are Papua New Guinea Email List adjacent brands, and we already have relationships with them, so it’s easier to get a “yes.” I find Instagram to be useful; two tactics I use that help identify potential partners quickly are: Tactic Look for adjacent brands that you follow and that follow you, and match your needed audience Papua New Guinea Email List size. Adjacent brand to follow What you want to do is find some common ground to make a warm pitch when you reach out. It’s

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easier to get your foot in the door saying, “…we follow Papua New Guinea Email List each other on Instagram” than it is saying, “…we don’t know each other, but….” If you don’t have an Instagram account for your brand, look for 2-3 brands that follow each other. It’s useful as a reference point when pitching the giveaway to those potential partners because Papua New Guinea Email List they’ll recognize the other brand name. Tactic Search hashtags and keywords to find potential partners. This is a quick way to find potential partners who want more Papua New Guinea Email List exposure. If you were looking for a fitness supplement brand to partner with, you could search itnesssupplements and look for a supplement.

Papua New Guinea Email List
Papua New Guinea Email List

being promoted. Search hashtags and keywords Papua New Guinea Email List Chances are, if a brand leverages influencers for their marketing, they’re Papua New Guinea Email List open to other types of collaborations as well. Social post tag Bluestar nutraceuticals A good goal is to find 10 potential partners to contact. Prioritize your list, and start reaching out. 3. REACH OUT TO POTENTIAL PARTNERS Now that you have your list of potential giveaway Papua New Guinea Email List partners ready and organized, it’s time to connect. I’ve gotten the best results by using email, so that’s what we’ll focus on.

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