I have gained a plethora of work experience in marketing, not yet digital, but flyers, faxes, etc. I got a degree in marketing management. The format was interesting. This is called a dual degree. You do two years, and the third year is work experience. I worked for a web agency creating websites. There was no analysis yet. Then fourth year, the last year to finish, was back in college. I got first class honours, and I attribute that to working in the industry. Experience is so important. The Marketing Management Diploma gave me access to my first roles in marketing as a post-graduate. I have worked for many charities and nonprofits.

Then I Did My Master’s Degree in Big Companies Need.

this formal education, so I did. During this time I continued to work in many different companies. Then I had my son, and I realized I couldn’t make it work with the hours I was putting in. So I set up as a freelancer, and I’ve been like that ever since. I was lucky to find what I loved very early on. In your opinion, do you need formal training to work in your field? Qualifications work, but it’s not so closed anymore. You just need to be able to do the job. Most of the Panama Phone number  people I work with have never done marketing degrees. Of course, the degree part can help you live your shared experiences, but looking back.

Could I Have Gotten to Where I Am Today Without the Degree.

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Yes. I’ve met people who started at the bottom without a degree, and they charge the same. And even now, I’m still paying off my student debt. Nobody asks me when they hire me as a consultant what my training is, but who I worked with and what I did. Some corporate jobs require you to have these qualifications, but there are plenty of other opportunities for those who can show they are ready to work now. A lot of what we learned in college became obsolete very quickly.

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