Visual information is incredibly powerful. According  Dubai Email List to research compiled by HubSpot, articles with numerous images are shared twice as often on social media as those without, and Facebook posts with images see 2.3 times the engagement Dubai Email List as those without images. That said, simple pictures are limited in how much information they can impart to your audience. That means avoiding all-too-common errors in infographic design, such Dubai Email List as errors that confuse or turn off potential leads and errors that reduce the value derived from your time and expertise. In this post, we’ll show you the five most common mistakes.

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businesses make with infographics — and how Dubai Email List you level up yours. 1 Unclear Flow 2 Unchecked Math 3 Improper Scale 4 Too Much, Too Soon 5 Not Considering Mobile THE 5 BEST OPPORTUNITIES TO LEVEL UP YOUR INFOGRAPHICS 1. UNCLEAR FLOW Just because your infographic is visual doesn’t mean you can ignore Dubai Email List one of text marketing’s critical rules: It must be easy to follow. Not only that, but it must be simple to follow in two ways. First, the infographic information should follow a narrative, with the Dubai Email List art leading the viewer’s eye along that path. If you provide a series of impressive statistics about your service, it should flow.

Dubai Email List
Dubai Email List

from an eye-catching initial statement, through an Dubai Email List escalating series of numbers, and end with the most remarkable tool you have available. If it discusses a process, it should lead the eye from start to finish. Look at this infographic from CPR Select Dubai Email List that walks you easily from step to step, guiding your eye along the way: Second, your infographic should end with a call to action, just like any other piece of marketing collateral. Design it from the beginning Dubai Email List to lead a viewer from a neutral position to curious, motivated, or compelled to take the next step in your customer journey. How to perform that next step should be right next to the last.

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