From that moment be ihob. Myanmar B2B List It goes without saying that the name of a brand. Is a vital part of its branding actions. This premise takes on even greater value when we consider those commercial. Firms whose name is their logo. However, there are some brands that seek to innovate. And take risks in order to maintain relevance among users. The ihop restaurant chain seems to be one of them and recently. Announced through its social networks that during the following week. Its name could evolve to, from that moment, be ihob. Through its official twitter profile. The firm hinted that a big change is coming with the. Modification of its name and logo although it has not revealed. More details about what said modification could mean.

The Only Thing Known So Far Comes From a Statement Made

By stephanie peterson executive director of communications for ihop.  Myanmar B2B List  Who has said that “we are serious about food quality and our menu. And this name change really reflects that. The action quickly generated speculation among users and followers of the social network. A situation that became an ideal pretext to establish. A conversation with the target audiences. From users alarmed by the possible change. In the name to people who played with speculation giving. Meanings of all kinds to the curious “B”, the reactions were multiple and the response. Of the brand was limited to ensuring that “There is no. Need to get stressed this is going to be great meanwhile. The answer game continues on the social network.

So Everything Indicates That It Is a Social Network

Myanmar B2B List

Strategy well executed so far that will have to.Myanmar B2B List  Have an exceptional closing to be truly successful. In this sense it is possible that there is something. More than what until now is seen with the naked eye. Although gays are not registered trademarks for ihob. Or an online domain that refers to said term if there. Is a twitter account that with few followers (less than 30. Is already verified, even if it lacks publications or a profile image. We will have to wait to find out the outcome of this story. Which could be an interesting launch action for a new menu. A fact that could mark a new face for this marketing. Action that has seemed to be flat within the sector for.

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