This is a problem that should be investigated Italy Email List further, as it negatively affects the lives of many patients. People with borderline disorder have problems managing their emotions, have self-image problems, and feel an irrational fear of Italy Email List abandonment and loneliness (Cuevas and Lopez 2012: 98). In addition, BPD represents a difficulty for specialists, who did not find significant advances in the treatment of this ailment until a few Italy Email List decades ago. Even Otto Kornberg, one of the psychoanalysts who has studied the disorder the most, points out that, until the early 1990s, it was not possible to help these patients (Bateman and Fungai.

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2004: 112) 3. Definition It is important to be Italy Email List able to clarify what the problem to be treated consists of. To do this, the questions are used: how is it defined? or what does it consist of? It is necessary to consider that a problem designates Italy Email List a difficulty that cannot be solved automatically, but requires a conceptual or empirical investigation (Lam 2005: 5). For this reason, its definition is so important that it constitutes one of the first steps to start Italy Email List the research process. A problem consists of “all those issues related to imbalances, ruptures, contradictions, dissatisfactions and conflicts” In other words, a problem shows an.

Italy Email List
Italy Email List

unresolved fact that generates dissatisfaction in Italy Email List an area of ​​human knowledge. Example First, we ask the questions. How is it defined? What does it consist of? Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a mental and behavioral disorder. It is not reduced to a specific symptom, but encompasses multiple aspects of the personality and involves the commission Italy Email List of desperate acts. Then, we move the information to the paragraph. Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a mental and behavioral disorder. The difficulty related to treating this disease is that the Italy Email List problem to be solved is not reduced to a specific symptom, but

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