ride the viral wave (ie Chris Pratt and Anna Faris Just Canada WhatsApp Number List Broke Up and the Internet is Crying). DOWNLOAD THE BLOG POST IDEAS CHEAT SHEET 10 top trafficked blog ideas (after analyzing 175 million visits) The top 200+ blog Canada WhatsApp Number List posts on Sumo’s content-creating customer’s sites revealed that these are the top 10 pieces of content you need to create. They were responsible for 147,000,000 hits (83% of the Canada WhatsApp Number List top 175 Million hits were on these 10 types of content). Pie chart of top 10 most popular content types I’ve even included quick-start guide

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on how to generate foolproof blog post ideas Canada WhatsApp Number List based on each category. Ready? How to come up with things to blog about—and build your content calendar 1. How-to post The “How To” post outperformed all other article types by a Canada WhatsApp Number List longshot, responsible for nearly 23% of the traffic to the most popular articles. This is the cornerstone, evergreen content that teaches readers how to do something specific related to your niche. These Canada WhatsApp Number List articles can overlap with the Ultimate Guide (the #10 most popular type of content). Check out how Herb.co uses how-to guides to teach a specific process: Herb.co’s how-to guides And how Bulletproof uses them for

Canada WhatsApp Number List
Canada WhatsApp Number List

content marketing on their blog, too: Bulletproof’s how-to Canada WhatsApp Number List guide on their blog It’s not surprising that “How To” content garnishes so much attention. Who hasn’t Googled how to do something recently? This is good news for search engine traffic to Canada WhatsApp Number List your “How To” content, but since you’re educating your readers, it’s also extremely shareable. Not sure what to teach your customers how to do? Find some inspiration with Quora. Type your Canada WhatsApp Number List topic or keywords into the Quora search bar (let’s say your niche is homeschooling): topics or keywords typed into Quora search bar Check out the recently asked questions. In this case, you could write a blog post on: How to

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