Humans are creatures of habit and thrive in repetitive environments. When we know what to expect, we function better. This is worth considering when designing your website architecture. Originality doesn’t have to pay off when it comes to website architecture. So unless you really have a good reason, follow what the industry leaders are doing. People might get frustrated if you don’t stick to the well-printed paths of website architecture, especially if they’re proven to work. Use proven navigation patterns If people expect to find the best categories in the main navigation bar, it makes sense to keep them. Likewise, with faceted navigation. Use buttons for user interaction The same goes for buttons and labels or expecting the logo to be linked to the homepage.

Example of Typical Buttons on Product Pages Keep Everything.

4 clicks away from the homepage I have already mentioned that a flat structure is ideal for SEO. And there’s actually a rule you can stick to here: every page should be within 4 clicks of the homepage. If users need to dig deep into your website for details, they might get bored and leave your site. On the Uruguay Phone number other hand, search engine crawlers can downgrade a page or even skip it if it’s buried too deep in your architecture. Be consistent in your layout Make sure that the main elements of your website structure remain the same on all pages. This means that the main menu displays the same labels everywhere.

If Your Buttons Are a Certain Color and Your Links.

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are blue and underlined, always keep them that way so as not to confuse users. All category pages should be designed the same way and all blog posts should follow a similar structure. This makes website navigation more predictable. Review the technical aspects First, you need to understand why the technical aspects are important. Search engines, like Google and Bing, are a filter for the information we seek. But to provide us with information, they must first understand it.

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