the Goal Setup column, click Custom. Google Samoa Email List Analytics Goal Setup You can then name your goal description in the Name indicator and select the Destination option. Google Analytics Goal Description Under Goal Details, enter the URL of your thank you Samoa Email List page and click the Save button. Google Analytics URL Goal Description After making sure the Recording button is set to on, you’re good to go! Google Analytics usually takes 1-2 weeks to collect goal Samoa Email List completion data, but once it does, you can begin to analyze your data. To view your data, go to Google Analytics and click Behavior > Site Content > Landing Pages. Once you’ve navigated to your thank you

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page URL, you can monitor page data like: Google Samoa Email List Analytics stats on acquisition, behavior, conversions Stats on acquisition: How much total sessions and new sessions you got from each landing page. Stats on behavior: These numbers tell you how the Samoa Email List visitors from each page behave on your site. Stats on conversions: These numbers tell you the Samoa Email List goal conversion rate and goal completes of each page. STEP 2. START WITH POSITIVE FEEDBACK Although it might seem like a given, your users need confirmation their actions were successful. Your thank you page should include a clear indicator that your visitor is getting what they signed up for, as well

Samoa Email List
Samoa Email List

as what’s going to happen next (if your offer Samoa Email List includes a next step). Confirmation/success page However, if your message ends here, you’re leaving money on the table. Here’s an example of that: Thank you page The next essential element of an Samoa Email List effective thank you page is the call to action. STEP 3. ADD A CALL TO ACTION (CTA) Without a call to action, your customer’s journey finishes on the thank you page. With one, however, you can direct them Samoa Email List to other offers or resources they might be interested in, driving them farther along your sales funnel. Odor Some popular CTAs include: An offer for a discount. A request for users to share content. Additional

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