The publication made by the official twitter account of sopitas. Where he invites his followers to “Say hello” to the argentine referee.Who participates in the meeting in mexico while. Sharing his twitter account. Until halftime of the match between mexico and sweden. The argentine referee nestor pitana became. One of the great figures of the match due to his controversial participation that. For many he forgave a goal against the mexican national team. While for others he charged too many fouls in favor of the swedish team. Thus while some love him others hate him and the references to said football. Judge have not been long in coming on social networks.  Where he invites his followers to “Say hello” to the argentine. Referee while sharing his twitter account.

Shares His Twitter Account and This Is How Users Respond

You found out on facebook who died in game of thrones or the end of avengers. Infinity war now the social network is finally doing something to avoid spoilers.  qatar mobile numbers database Slack Stopped Working Globally# In recent years the number of spoilers has grown thanks to the networks. Social and the facility to share texts and images with other people. A spoiler is when someone tells. In person or on a social network something relevant or unexpected about what happens in a movie. TV series or even a video game. Spoil means to ruin and this is what happens with the experience. An example of this is game of thrones. The HBO series that has become an international phenomenon. Since a couple of seasons.

qatar mobile numbers database

The popular business communication platform stopped working this wednesday. Leaving millions of people unable to work collaboratively. Since last year, the slack messaging platform. Whose name means searchable log of all conversation knowledge. Has dropped globally on wednesday. Slack which has become the favorite of companies of all sizes. From small start-ups to large multinational corporations. Does not allow users to connect to the network. At 8:30 a.M. Central mexico time. Slack posted on its official site that it was handling bug reports and investigating the problem. An hour later he noted that they are working to fix the connection issue that impacted millions. The fall of slack became a global trending topic on the social network twitter. Only behind the tweets of the game between mexico and sweden in the world cup.

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