So Google, when he crawls those backlinks, does he look at the referral traffic and plays it into the algorithm or if he doesn’t see that information, does he try, I guess, to assess whether there is a high propensity to click on this link? And, therefore, if there is a high propensity to click on this link, then they will pass the equity of the link? If there is not, say you know. you can literally blog and link now. In this case, Google says, well, actually, there’s no traffic; not really much going on here, so why should we embrace any form of link equity. Does this kind of feed determine whether or not link.

Things Like Link Traffic When Trying to Gauge.

things like link traffic when trying to gauge the value of a link. As far as I can tell, we also don’t look at things like the likelihood of someone clicking on a link in terms of how we should rate it. Because sometimes links are essentially just referrals, and it’s not so much that we expect people to Malta Phone number click on every link on a page . But if someone references your site and says, I’m doing it because this expert here said to do it.

Then People Are Not Going to Click on That Link and Still.

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look at your site and confirm everything that is written there. But they will almost see it as a reference. If they needed to know more, they could go there. But they don’t need it. And from that point of view, I don’t think we would take it into account to assess the value of the link. Migration of domain sites 20:53 “ We performed a site domain migration from one domain to a new one and followed all migration requirements and recommendations. We’ve updated redirects.

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