From mashabel they report that facebook .Saudi Arabia B2B List Confirmed the leak of private publications of .14 million users due to an error in the system that regulates the way. Content is shared. During the last months the big problem for facebook is privacy. Since the cambridge analytica case was. Uncovered, the social network has been. Involved in various controversies where the central issue is the little. Guarantee it offers its users about the security of their information. The most recent case had to do with a report delivered by the new york times. Which indicated that mark zuckerberg’s company .Would have entered into around 60 contracts. With mobile phone companies -among which samsung.

Could Access the Data of the Users of the Social Network as Well as

Their friends on the platform. The problems for the great social network.  Saudi Arabia B2B List   In this matter do not seem to stop. Now from mashabel they report that facebook .Confirmed the leak of private publications. Of 14 million users due to an error in the system that regulates. The way content is shared. According to the post the issue was apparent between may. 18 and 22 when a bug set the public content setting for affected users.’ posts to default regardless of the privacy .Filters each user selected for their information. Facebook is the social network with the greatest reach in the world. Its more than 2.2 billion users. Of which more than 1.45 billion daily active users endorse it.

Microsoft and Blackberry Stand Out- to That They

Saudi Arabia B2B List

That means potentially millions of posts tha.Saudi Arabia B2B List T were supposed to be set to private were being shared publicly. The company declined to comment on the exact number of affected posts. Facebook’s chief privacy officer, erin egan. Explained that “we recently found a bug that automatically. Suggested posting publicly when some people created their posts on facebook. We have fixed this issue and starting today we will let everyone. Affected know about it and ask them to. Review posts they made during that time. Just to be clear this bug didn’t affect anything people have. Posted before.” in this way the affected users will receive a message. Like the one shown below. If you were affected, the recommendation is to. Manually review those publications. That were made during the aforementioned days.

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