The projections of facebook users in mexico. Expect that during 2018 it will reach 53 million 850 thousand people. According to statista dmo.In the first place. Figures from emarketer projected by statista. Forecast that this year 642.86 billion dollars. Will be invested in advertising in the world. Considering digital media (desktop/laptop. Mobile and other devices connected to the internet). Magazines newspapers outdoor media.As a matter of fact. Radio and television). Precise numbers from emarketer project that the global digital marketing share. Will grow to 42 percent in 201, compared to 31.5 percent in 2015. Social networks monopolize a large part of the advertising. Budget and facebook remains the most popular platform in the world.

That Is Why the Strategist Must Be Informed About the New Rules

With more than 2.13 billion users. So the companies will spend a large part on it. The projections of facebook users in mexico expect. Vietnam WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists  That during 2018 it will reach 53 million 850. Thousand people according to statista dmo.In the first place. That is why the strategist must. Be informed about the new rules that will apply to advertising. Facebook revealed rules for custom audience targeting through its official blog . Starting july 2, it will require advertisers to tell users. Whether the ad they are currently viewing uses. Information provided by a data broker or a company that. Collects or sells it. In additio, they will need to show proof of consen.T legally obtained by consumers before being uploaded to the list of. Potential customers in the facebook ad system.

That Will Apply to Advertising Facebook Revealed Rules for Custom Audience

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It will be from the section “why am I seeing this.In the first place. Where users will be able to see the information and. Discard the ads that they consider irrelevant. “when ad targeting is done right it provides value. To people and businesses. Nobody values ​​irrelevant advertising.Concluded graham mudd, product marketing director of facebook. Strategismore than 70 percent of consumers prefer. Email to communication with companies. Speaking of those practices. Here are the ones you should avoid when developing. Subject lines for your campaign messages.In the first place. The ones that activate spam filters if your campaign is detected as spam.

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