In the first place. Share on Facebook Share on twitter Share on LinkedIn. Djibouti B2B List Share on WhatsApp Share by email Written by Jazmin Garibay Marketing. Digital Marketing Media Marketing Mexico Advertising In Mexico. currently the series that consumers of this type of content. pay attention to every Sunday is Luis Miguel, La Serie and of course. As a matter of fact. if they add endearing characters to their strategy. Such as Cadet Tello, and this Sunday at true Unconditional. that Cervelat Victoria found. Video on demand could generate revenue for. this 2018 for 14 thousand 42 million dollars worldwide. according to estimates by Statista . In Mexico currently the series that consumers. of this type of content pay attention to every Sunday. is Luis Miguel La Serie and of course if they add endearing characters to their strategy.

Then You Have to Be on the Wave He Explained

In the first place. Such as Cadet Tello which many described as. the true Unconditional. Djibouti B2B List However the real Unconditional. the woman who appears in the official video next to Luis Miguel. is called Carolina Menéndez .The brand contacted her and discovered a very interesting story. Which she will share with her social media followers.As a matter of fact.  She will place it in a live after the seventh chapter of Luis Miguel.In the first place.  Exclusively the brand provided Merca2.0 with its plans in this extended video Victoria will place Menéndez.

That Is Why They Looked for a Way to Connect the Brand With Luis Miguel

Djibouti B2B List

On live on her official social networks so that .Djibouti B2B List consumers can ask all the questions they need to ask. From . and until approximately on Monday. Provided that the questions are accompanied of the hashtag. Unconditional Victoria.As a matter of fact.  Behind this movement Jazmin Rodríguez brand manager of Cervelat Victoria. also exclusively detailed the applications in marketing. Let’s forget about selling, doing very boring things.Equally important.  we have to dedicate ourselves more to the topic of entertainment.In the first place.  If you want your brand to be at the forefront. On everyone’s lips and to be seen as a current brand.

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