Written by Jazmin Garibay interview. Owner/Partner/Shareholder Email Lists Today in marketing marketing digital marketing. Marketing carol Eid, content and social media manager at eBay. Explains why this is one of the most important moments for e-commerce. The #hotsale ends today June 1 it seeks to encourage retail through. Digital platforms specifically on the web. This year the Mexican association of online sales (amvo. Expects to collect between 60 percent and 70 percent more than. The 4 thousand 888 million pesos last year. That is why the firms give their all to join the great event. According to carol eid senior marketing manager for lactam. This is one of the most important moments for e-commerce.

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“hot sale is definitely one of the most important.  Owner/Partner/Shareholder Email Lists  Moments in the first half of the year to boost e-commerce in Mexico. Thanks to the ambo initiative it is a great opportunity for Mexican consumers. To be encouraged to experience online shopping. And for companies to focus on offering the highest quality of products and services. At attractive prices “its relevance lies in the possibility. Of finding more than 500 million articles from different parts of the world in a single site. The internet. For eBay in particular, it represents a great opportunity. To put more than 500 million items from different parts. Of the world within the reach of Mexican users. After a great demand last year for this fifth edition of hot. Sale we focus on offering a 20 percent coupon. In almost the entire site during the first days of hot.

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Owner/Partner/Shareholder Email Lists

Sale Monday and Tuesday as well as additional discounts. Owner/Partner/Shareholder Email Lists Of up to 60 percent and free .Shipping to Mexico. On many of the items he explained. The figures indicate that 40 percent. Of consumers would spend more than 3 thousand pesos during the hot sale. According to a picodi survey . This event is held every year. Since 2014 and has been given continuity. Thanks to the fact that it has been an effective strategy. In 2015 the participating brands achieved sales of 383 million pesos. The purchasing and search trends on the platform. Show us that this year cell phones, smartphones. Drones and cameras will be the most in demand during the hot sale.

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