In the first place. General manager of the hublot mexico brand.Chad B2B List  Shares why soccer the national team and russia. Are the three essential keys for marketing this year. Numbers from euromericas sport marketing revealed. Billion people around the world which represented an interesting showcase. For brands at an international. Regional and local level. A report delivered by dynamic whose calculations indicate that the advertising industry. In billing of 40 percent in our country. In this line it is important to mention that russia. 2018 is expected to be the most digitized sporting event to date.

Advertising Focuses on the Cup and Yannick Yo

With which advertisers are expected to allocate. Between 60 and 70 percent of the advertising investment related. To the world cup to online products.  Chad B2B List   And the rest to other media. This coincides with what Yannick yard. General manager of the sublot Mexico brand. Commented who shared that “it helps us grow as a brand. And in marketing too because as you know. Soccer is the king of sports in the world and it has helped us a lot in this theme”.When questioning him about how it is known that a sports .Marketing strategy is effective he explained that.You see it at the sales level and also the feedback from customers. We can see that this campaign has worked very well for hublot because .

Russia 2018 Is Expected to Be the Most Digitized Sporting Event

Chad B2B List

Customers go to the points of sale to ask about the pieces. In the first place .Chad B2B List  That are in these campaigns or about the brand and we have. Received many new clients with this”that is why the brand joined the trend. Through the big bang referee world cup russia 2018 special edition. Which introduces the first application developed by the brand. In collaboration with fifa and will be used by all the referees of this world cup. World. It announces the match 15 minutes before kick-off. Vibrates and displays the word “Goal with each goal. Offers statistics and, by turning the bezel. You can select the favorite. Team or closely follow your rivals in the app.

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