Toño esquinca’s personal brand is in crisis.Oman B2B List So radio centro immediately notes that it does. Not agree with the communicator so as not. To be related to him. Yesterday morning, the trend “Toño esquinca” was one of those that. Guided the conversation on social networks in mexico and. With it grupo radio centro . The announcer, who leads the alfa 91.3 fm station was in the middle of the controversy after opening. His radio program on wednesday with strong. Criticism of andrés manuel lópez obrador. Presidential candidate for the coalition together we will make. History. His word the real revolution is education. The real revolution is enlightenment. Not stupidity or alienation. Like a son of a bitch.

Immediately Afterwards the Transmission of the Program

with which his program ended at a. Oman B2B List  And not at As is usual. He thus he said goodbye to his audience saying that. This could be the last time they heard him. Then a song abruptly cut off the broadcast. Today we officially know the reasons. Radio centro issued a statement. In which it reported that it will suspend the communicator for a period of 30 business days because he violated the company’s. Code of ethics by insulting one of the presidential .Candidates. In addition to this. The announcer sent a message in which he acknowledged that he had problems .With alcohol and apologized to amlo . “this is the most difficult stage for me.

Was Abruptly Cut Off to Be Replaced by Music

Oman B2B List

Want to tell you that the message I gave. And that caused all this on june 6 was under the influence of alcohol. I have to accept it that it is the first step.Oman B2B List  that I have problems with the alcohol” he added that “I am going to retire to rehabilitate myself  because I was no longer being consistent with what I was believing . I am going to miss you and I hope for your acceptance and your support . ”the announcer’s personal brand is in crisis so radio centro immediately notes that it does not. Agree with the communicator so as not to be related to him.Said the outlet. It’s not just about controlling advertising but the. Ability to process vast amounts of personal data promises to change .Relationships governments and even bodies; due to the permitted introduction of buying habits.

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