ads and sales. These users may be there, but that doesn’t mean they’re going to Interested in what we have to say!” Not so fast. There are many other studies supporting the fact that Instagram can be effective in attracting followers for your brand. In fact, 80% of all Instagram users follow at least one business account. Think those followers won’t convert and really grow for your business? Spoiler alert: you’re wrong again. According to reports, 75% of Instagram users take action after viewing an ad post on the platform, such as visiting a brand’s website.

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And, even taking it a step further, 30% of users actually buy a product they discover on Instagram. So, in short, you will not only find supporters and followers on the platform, but also gain new customers. Instagram Business 101 Grab our eBook Instagram for Business and take your Instagram game to the Bahamas Phone Number next level! Pretty convincing stuff, right? With that in mind, let’s cover everything you need to know to successfully master Instagram as a marketing tool for your own brand. Related article: Keep digging into more juicy Instagram stats. The Great Debate: Business Accounts vs. Personal Accounts Before you start marketing with Instagram, you have a choice: should you have a business account or stick with a personal account.

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There’s a lot of confusion between Instagram business and personal accounts, so let’s clear some details first. An Instagram business account is a special type of account that separates you from your followers as a business rather than an individual. The quickest way to identify a business account is to look for the “Call” or “Email” button (shown below), which is only available in business accounts. How to Use Instagram for Business – Sked Social How to Use Instagram for Business – WeWork Image Source What are the benefits of switching to a business account? Well, there are a few: Contact button: Like the link above, you can give users the option to contact you immediately.

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