your repeat customer rate by sending out direct Morocco Email List email campaigns to your existing customer list. Most online store owners are afraid to send emails because they don’t want to annoy their customers. But customers are more resilient than you think! After Morocco Email List teaching my ecommerce course for over a decade, I found that most businesses don’t send enough emails. In reality, email marketing should make up at least 20% of your revenue. For example, on Morocco Email List average, 30% of Bumblebee Linens’ revenue comes from email marketing and this month it’s coming in at around 27%. email % revenue About 8% of this revenue is the result of our automated email.

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campaigns and here are some examples of Morocco Email List what you must implement: Abandoned cart: These emails are sent when a customer begins to check out but doesn’t finish the process. Pre-purchase sequence: These emails humanize your brand Morocco Email List and convince customers to make their first purchase. Post-purchase sequence: Following a purchase, this sequence can be used to generate reviews or cross-sell related products. Win back: Customers Morocco Email List who have purchased once but have not purchased again in a while can be enticed to come back with coupons and special offers. View through abandoned cart: Customers who viewed a product but didn’t.

Morocco Email List
Morocco Email List

check out are sent reminder emails and suggested Morocco Email List products. While your automated email campaigns make money on auto-pilot, the real money lies with your direct campaigns. Direct campaigns make up 22% of my email revenue; this is where most Morocco Email List people don’t send enough emails. Whenever Bumblebee Linens runs a promotion, we send out up to six emails over a span of a week. Here’s a typical send sequence. announcement and Morocco Email List deadline Email Resend email to non-opens Email Sale ends soon – deadline coming up Email Resend email #3 to non-opens Email: Sale ends today – take advantage of it Email ale extended to

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