The bronco compared the mexican national. Lithuanian B2B List Team with andrés manuel lópez obrador. The mexican national team got off to a bad start on its way to russia 2018. With a news item broadcast by tv notas. To say nothing of.One of the media outlets with the largest circulation in the country. Impacting the reputation of the mexican national. Team and adding to its reputation for indiscipline and therefore. Lowered the hopes of doing a good role this 2018 in the world cup. Even so it has sponsors such as adidas.Citibanamex coca-cola movistar corona. Aeroméxico lala chedraui ado jeep izzi sabritas skyhd g500. Who invest considerably in campaigns. In traditional and digital media. This is partly because the figures support the mexican nationa.L team as a figure (as a whole) that, by representing millions.

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Debate the candidates joined it.53 percent of open tv consumers tune their television .Set specifically to watch liga mx and mexican national team matches.  Lithuanian B2B List  According to the 2017 open tv annual study. Prepared by the merca2.0 research department .  As a matter of fact .that is why meade mentioned his support for el tri from the beginning of the debate. Meade wasted 15 seconds salting the mexican team. – ricardo o’farrilljune 13 2018 meanwhile. El bronco did it at the end comparing those selected. With andrés manuel lópez obrador.  A figure with an unparalleled reach.2018 world cup in russia .José antonio meade has 13.6 percent of the electoral preference.

It Is Understandable That Even in the Last Presidential

Lithuania B2B List

According to the employers’ confederation.Lithuanian B2B List  Of the mexican republicthe employers’ confederation of the.In the first place. Mexican republic (coparmex) presented this tuesday the results of. Its 2018 electoral survey, in which andrés manuel lópez obrador. Is placed first with 41.7 percent of the electoral preferences. Ricardo anaya is in second place. With 21 percent of the intention to vote, followed by josé antonio meade.With 13.6 percent. It is precisely for the latter that guadalupe loaeza .Would vote as announced on video. The presidential candidate of the “todos por méxico” coalition/ is a “very reasonable” man he said. He specified that he has the resources the experience. He has traveled and read and has held very important.

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