attention. People who send only one email without Ghana Phone Numbers List follow-ups achieve a 9% reply rate on average. But when they send at least one follow-up? They get a 13% reply rate.[*] cold email reply rates 1. FOLLOW UP WITH A SIMPLE CHECK-IN Ghana Phone Numbers List Kevin Dhimitri, an independent local SEO consultant, credits cold emails as a big part of his business growth. For every 200 prospects, he generates one high-quality lead worth $12,000 per year. When Ghana Phone Numbers List I reached out to Kevin, he recommended sending the first follow-up three days after the initial cold email. Note: This is a restated email that targets people who are interested but genuinely didn’t see the first

Article Marketing and List Building – I Have a List, Now What

message: Hey [Prospect], Your Ghana Phone Numbers List competitors [Briefly describes what these competitors are doing better]. Let me know if you want a [Free “taster” like video audit or discovery call]. [Signs off] Here’s a live example by Kevin: Hey Jack Ghana Phone Numbers List, Your competitors are outranking you for this keyword. Let me know if you want to see a video audit explaining why that is. – Kevin This “taster” should give prospects a glimpse into your expertise and Ghana Phone Numbers List what it’s like to work with you. Here are three examples: If you’re a B2B editor, your “taster” can be an edit of a published piece, up to 500 words. If you’re a B2B Facebook Ads expert, your “taster” can be a

Ghana Phone Numbers List
Ghana Phone Numbers List

performance audit of a couple of the prospect’s Ghana Phone Numbers List ads. If you’re a B2B sales and launch copywriter, your “taster” can be a free discovery call that educates prospects on how to create a strategy, like this example from Elli Runkles:[*] Elli Runkles discovery call landing page 2. PITCH IT DIFFERENTLY IN THE SECOND FOLLOW-UP This next step involves Ghana Phone Numbers List credibility. Send this three days after the first follow-up. Include relevant case Ghana Phone Numbers List studies and describe what you do in a different way to push these cold prospects to act. Here’s a template: Hey [Prospect], I’ve been trying to reach you about [Free “taster” like video audit or

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