impact on the choices your visitors make. In 2012, Gambia Email List documentary filmmaker Errol Morris ran a survey with the New York Times asking participants about their feelings of security in a catastrophic event. But there was an unexpected twist. What Gambia Email List Morris really wanted to learn was how typeface could influence reader behavior. So he presented the survey questions to participants in one of six randomly selected fonts: Baskerville, Comic Gambia Email List Sans, Computer Modern, Georgia, Helvetica, and Trebuchet. Over 45,000 people responded. And the results were startling. Six randomly selected fonts: Baskerville, Comic Sans, Computer Modern, Georgia,

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Helvetica, and Trebuchet Source Typeface had Gambia Email List a small but noticeable impact on respondents’ opinions. Baskerville had the strongest positive impact on agreement. Approximately 1.5% more participants than average stated that they Gambia Email List agreed with the statement, “we live in an era of unprecedented safety,” when it was presented in Baskerville. The least-effective font in securing agreement? Comic Sans.[*] The lesson is Gambia Email List clear. Choosing fonts strategically gives you an advantage in shaping your visitors’ choices and actions. Enhancing believability. Choosing a serif font is a natural way to communicate gravitas and lend credibility to

Gambia Email List
Gambia Email List

your message. When you want to enhance the Gambia Email List believability of your claims, consider a serif typeface like Georgia and Times New Roman (available as core fonts for the web), or Alegreya or Cardo (available in Google Fonts). Capturing attention. When you want to capture your visitors’ attention, choose a font designed to stand out. Modern Gambia Email List sans-serif fonts work well here, like Franklin Gothic, Montserrat, or Helvetica Bold. Encouraging Gambia Email List reading. With longer pages — like in-depth blog posts or long-form landing pages — it makes sense to choose a typeface optimized for legibility. Great options include Georgia, Helvetica, Open

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