the end of your email. [Call to action] Example: Do you Qatar Phone Number List have time to chat on Friday? You can book a call with me here. 5. Closer: Thank the recipient for their time and close with your name. Example: Thanks so much, Ash When you stitch Qatar Phone Number List together all of those elements, here’s how the email reads: Hey Samantha, Just finished your latest YouTube video on how you approach content marketing at Sumo. Loved it! I reached out a few Qatar Phone Number List days about a freelance writing opportunity I saw you tweet about. I helped to grow Example Company’s web traffic from 10k per month to 400k and my work has been featured by Adobe, TechCrunch, and FastCompany. Do you

Residual Income Stream – Myth Or Fact?

have time to chat on Friday? You can book a call with Qatar Phone Number List me here. Thanks so much, Ash And here’s another copy of the template: [Hey / Howdy / Hi / Heya / Okay First name] [How you know them] + [why you’re following up] [Data / info to qualify your work] + [social proof] [Call to action] [Thanks / Cheers / All the best, Your Name] ALWAYS FOLLOW UP Thanks Qatar Phone Number List so much for reading. I hope this post has given you the confidence to send follow-up emails and provided everything you need to craft killer email copy. Remember: If your email doesn’t generate a Qatar Phone Number List reply on the day you send it, the chances are it won’t. Set a clear goal for every email you send and

Qatar Phone Number List
Qatar Phone Number List

ensure you close with a call to action that will help you Qatar Phone Number List achieve that goal. Don’t be afraid to follow up more than once. The Sumo team will often send up to five follow-up emails to every prospect. Is there an email you’re waiting on a reply to? Here’s a Qatar Phone Number List challenge: Open up your emails right now and send a follow-up. Dean wouldn’t be Qatar Phone Number List here right now if he didn’t follow up. Just think where following up could take you… COMMENTSB2B (Business to Business) email marketing is very different from B2C (Business to Consumer) email marketing in a few ways: Who is making the decisions (and how many people are involved in the decision-making process).

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