In the first placeSta list compiled by statista. In addition. With data from social blade. Placed selena gomez as the most powerful influencer on instagram. With 138 million followers. According to a recent pew research center study. 85 percent of teens ages 13 to 17 use the video platform youtube. With about 72 percent using instagram and. 69  Buy Fresh & Updated China Business Fax Lists percent using snapchat. This speaks of its impact today. After the facebook brand crisis due to the cambridge analytica case. Their queen is called selena gomez. Arguably the most influential figure on the platform. A list compiled by statista. With data from social blade. Placed selena gomez as the most powerful. Influencer on instagram with 138 million followers.

Even So Stefano Gabbana Dared to Launch an Insult Towards the Popera

Even so stefano gabbana dared to launch an insult towards the popera. The instagram account of the catwalk italia shared an image.  Buy Fresh & Updated China Business Fax Lists  In which the singer is seen on five occasions wearing different red dresses. And in which they asked the followers which look they preferred. The designer replied0. It’s really ugly the fans launched themselves against the designer. Who cared little because even his initial objective. Could have been precisely to attract attention . It is not the first time that stefano gabbana has been. Involved in a controversy let us remember when he offered to dress.As a matter of fact. Melanie trump in the midst of the controversy. Over the racist messages of president donald trump . In the same social network the designer also responded days ago. To a photo of kate moss saying that “No” he liked an outfit. Of the model in which she wore a black jumpsuit.

The Instagram Account of the Catwalk Italia Shared an Image

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Was present on various digital platforms. With the hashtag #rusia2018 generating 199 million 379,862 impressions while. The #worldcuprussia2018 had 2 million 991.518 in the first minutes of the inauguration. For his part robbie williams generated 14 million 812,444 impressions during his performance. Although according to Buy Fresh & Updated China Business Fax Lists a study carried out by kantar world panel, television with 53 percent will be the. Main means to watch the world cup. Social networks will be a fundamental part of the 2018 soccer. World cup since 4 out of 10 people revealed that they prefer. To watch facebook to follow the games on the way to work or school. In the first place. While another alternative is youtube, which is preferred by. 3 out of 10 mexicans before going to sleep according to the report.

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