Instagram is currently much more than. A simple platform to upload photos, now you can create polls. Write stories make live broadcasts. Create boomerangs have fun with its characteristic superzoom. Take rewind type videos, and do a little stop motion. It has just over 104.7 million users and it is. Expected that 1.6 million will be added this year. Its relevance has increased even more due to the problems of facebook.And cambridge analytica, hence age segments. That were not among its target are invading said platform. As in the case of artists such as erika buenfil or thalía. In the latter case their stories have gone viral. Praised by thousands of users for their humor and criticized by others. For their rarity.

Take Rewind Type Videos, and Do a Little Stop Motion

My dream job boyfriend for rent but in the end. Buy Iran WhatsApp Numbers  It is a strategy that works, as the case itself. Can prove by means of figures. Thalía announced that her new production. Of ella would be available to her fans of ella on june 1. While her “Archrival” paulina rubio did the same on may .25 with her song entitled “Desire (you have me crazy). A production that she made with the venezuelan nacho and that. Promised to be a success. In the end, thalía’s digital strategy weighed more. Because on another base platform for current digital marketing.

Expected That 1.6 Million Will Be Added This Year

Buy Iran WhatsApp Numbers

She demonstrated her superiority with. 44 million 567 thousand 736 views of her video. “I do not agree (official video)” with natti natasha. While paulina rubio and nacho. With “Desire (me haces loquita)”. And still with an advantage.Achieved only 3 million 346 thousand 677 views. Recall that while accurate numbers from emarketer project the global digital marketing share to grow to 42 percent in 2018, up from 31.5 percent in 2015. The numbers don’t show how strange betting brands can be.In this case of thalía’s personal brand on instagram. With which she has managed to be part of the digital conversation on several occasions.

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