choice from every angle before moving forward. Feeling anger, however, primes you to act. Very often, when you’re really angry, you act impulsively without worrying about how your choice might Congo Email List turn out. You just do it. Emotions of the same valence can impact action in wildly different ways. And that means valence-based theories can’t accurately predict how emotions will influence Congo Email List decisions. The good news is that there’s an alternative. UNDERSTANDING APPRAISAL TENDENCIES Psychologists Jennifer Lerner and Dasher Keltner pioneered the appraisal tendency framework to better.

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understand how emotions shape Congo Email List decisions.[*] According to Lerner and Keltner, emotions help us reduce cognitive processing by quickly triggering specific cognitive and behavioral responses to universal human experiences like loss, Congo Email List suffering, and threat. These processes are known as appraisal tendencies. Consider anxiety. When people are anxious, they tend to see the world as presenting uncertain existential threats — and Congo Email List therefore, they want to take any steps they can to reduce uncertainty. People who are angry see the world through the lens of having been harmed by someone else. Angry people typically feel a sense of.

Congo Email List
Congo Email List

certainty about what has happened and a sense Congo Email List that they can act to address the offense. Understanding some of the most common ways emotions shape our responses makes it much easier to craft your emotional persuasion strategy. Emotion Congo Email List Appraisal Tendency Hope Future-focus with a positive appraisal, resulting in a higher level of self-regulation Anger Increased appraisal of personal agency, elevated weight given to human Congo Email List factors (as opposed to situational ones) in evaluating information Anxiety Appraisal of situation as uncertain, leading to preference for low-risk/low-reward options Pride Behaviors become more.

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