In the same way that happens in the market. Within the 2018 world cup in russia. There are some selections that by definition generate special interest among audiences. Such is the case of spain, which is now playing its second game. In the contest against iranan encounter that has become a trend in social. Networks in recent hours. It is enough to recognize that. According to data from tweetreach. The term “Iran vs spain” registers 230 million 983 thousand 944 impressions with more than 4 5 million 409 thousand 878 accounts reached. In this sense, many brands have sought. A way to join the conversation that the game generates. Among which netflix is ​​close to venturing with a new strategy. That seems to be trying. To consolidate in the remainder of the world cup.

Apart from events such as the world cup

Predictions about the scores and winners of each match.  Buy Georgia WhatsApp Numbers  Are topics of great interest that have given popularity. To different characters and animals that are recognized. For having supposed predictive powers over said information. The cases of octopus paul or archimedes. The cat are classics in this regard. With this in mind, netflix has played with a character. Who during the second season of his series stranger. Things managed to win the hearts of the public. It’s about dart a strange character that dustin adopts as a pet and that in his early stages was. Charming until he turned out to be a monster from the world upside down. Now this character is the protagonis. Of a series of. Videos in which in the style of achilles or paul. He ventures to predict who would be the winner of the matches.

Spain is going to lose tomás jiménez garcía

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June 20, 2018 if it comes from the world upside. Down then spain is going to los june 20, 2018 the first time the. Peculiar mascot was seen was in the duel. Between portugal and spain to later also be part. Of the confrontation between the iranian. And spanish team where although dart choose.S the spanish flag as the winner, the clarification is made that. The creature belongs to the upside down world. So users have wondered if netflix and its peculiar character. Is giving the victory to the iran painting. What is worth mentioning. Is that this strategy seems to gain relevance. As the tournament progresses, since the platform. Has generated the hashtag #netflixdart with which. It was also tried to predict the result of poland against senegal.

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