Bounce rates and their effects on a website’s Google search engine results pages (SERPs) are not a new debate. We’ve been made aware of a full conversation between Moz CEO Rand Fishkin and Google’s senior search quality strategist Andrey Lipattev on the subject, which led to an interesting discussion about the effect bounce and click-through rates on rankings. Fishkin explained that he conducted several experimental tests using crowds of 500 to a few thousand people, in which all participants were asked to remove their laptops, cell phones or other digital gadgets and run a search query. given. From the search listing that appears, everyone clicks on the listing at the bottom of the SERP and clicks through to the results page. He then took the following days to monitor the effects of these actions.

There Were a Number of Inconsistencies According.

To rand in his experiences. In just over 50% of the experiments he conducted. The serp rankings actually changed for the clicked sites. While the South Korea Phone number  rankings remained the same for the remaining sites. Which begs the question, then:does the bounce rate affect the serp. Ranking of the site? And if so, by how much? Lipattev, in his explanation, said he believed. That for the individual search queries used in the experiment. Ranking changes were influenced not only by the number of bounces and clicks. But also by the interest generated around them. Of this specific research. He explained that when a certain topic seemed to be gaining a massive.

Number of Searches as Well as an Increase in Social Media.

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mentions, Google’s algorithm paid attention to that site rather than the site which simply garnered more clicks. He further states that it is certainly possible to discover the exact reason for large changes in the rankings of individual listings, but it would be more difficult to do so for listings all over the internet. That said, let’s start with the most important point: what exactly is the bounce rate?

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