Do you want to get more visitors into your Lithuania Phone Number List funnel? And then convert them into your subscribers, and better yet, customers? There’s a simple solution: The Squeeze Page. A squeeze page is a mini landing page with a single goal — to “squeeze” the Lithuania Phone Number List contact information out of your website visitors. Today, I share the six essential elements that make up a HIGH-CONVERTING squeeze page, including examples, screenshots, Lithuania Phone Number List and tips. 1 What is a Squeeze Page? 2 Squeeze Page vs. Landing Page: What’s the Difference? 3 Squeeze Page Element #1: A Great Offer 4 Squeeze Page Element #2: A Killer Headline 5 Squeeze Page Element #3: Awesome

The Importance of Critical Incident Management & Incident Management

Secondary Copy 6 Squeeze Page Element #4: A Lithuania Phone Number List Bulletproof Call to Action (CTA) 7 Squeeze Page Element #5: Social Proof 8 Squeeze Page Element #6: A Simple, Straightforward Form 9 How to Create an Instant Squeeze Page Using Sumo Lithuania Phone Number List Welcome Mat Let’s dive in! WHAT IS A SQUEEZE PAGE? A squeeze page is a webpage with a single goal: To squeeze — in other words, capture — contact information from your website Lithuania Phone Number List visitors. Here’s an example of a squeeze page the Sumo Group has for SendFox (as the homepage): Squeeze Page: Screenshot of SendFox squeeze page SQUEEZE PAGE VS. LANDING PAGE: WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE?

Lithuania Phone Number List
Lithuania Phone Number List

The purpose of a squeeze page is to capture your Lithuania Phone Number List visitor’s email, phone, name, etc. How is that any different from an ordinary landing page? The biggest difference between a squeeze page and a landing page is that a landing page serves Lithuania Phone Number List a wider range of uses and objectives. It can be designed to capture contact information, but also to get someone to buy a product, claim an offer, etc. Another obvious difference between Lithuania Phone Number List them, however, is the length. A squeeze page is mostly above the fold, meaning your visitors don’t need to scroll to see all the content. A landing page is usually much longer. You have to scroll to see everything. A landing page

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