Your copy should never sound robotic. Question Nigerian Email Database now is: how do you write an email so it sounds like you’re talking to a friend? To answer this for you, I’ve divided email copy into three sections: START WITH A THOUGHTFUL “HI” Ann Handley, the Nigerian Email Database person behind the popular newsletter Total Anarchy, is a pro at this. She typically starts he Nigerian Email Database emails with “Hello, sunshine,” “Hello friend,” and the like instead of “Hello friends” or “Hello readers. Popular newsletter of Total Anarchy Handley explains the reason behind this approach in Podia’s podcast I Made It: “[at first] I kept it [the greeting] in the plural, but it’s just one person, isn’t it? It’s just one.

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person who’s reading whatever it is that Nigerian Email Database you’re writing.” The takeaway: greet the reader, not the room. WRITE A MEANINGFUL INTRO The first line of your email helps readers decide whether they want to stay or leave. Since your plan Nigerian Email Database is to make them stay till the end of the letter, I suggest you write, rewrite, and then rewrite some more. One good way to hook your subscribers’ attention is by telling stories. Our brains are Nigerian Email Database hardwired to love a good story whether it starts with “once upon a time…” or “the other day when I was….” Here’s an example to inspire your newsletter writing:[*] Total Anarchy MAKE THE REST OF THE EMAIL COPY RELATABLE The

Nigerian Email Database
Nigerian Email Database

second line of your email is just as important Nigerian Email Database as your first. As is the third line and the rest of the copy. One way to ensure your readers stay to read is to quickly tell them what’s in it for them. So whether you’re telling a story or sharing an Nigerian Email Database experience, cut the fluff and tell the reader why they should care. It’s this “what’s in it for me curiosity” that keeps them on the page and brings them back to you with each issue. Put simply, make your Nigerian Email Database story about your readers and less about yourself. Here are some more tips to ace writing your newsletter: Be human, even as you represent a business. Use “I” and sign off with your name. See how you can do this.

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