identity, which can be a bigger problem for larger businesses. They often can’t run social and marketing campaigns as quickly as SMEs – there is a hierarchy chain of command and ideas have to be signed off. There must be a discussion first. However, as an SME, you can use your size to your advantage and react. You should be able to act quickly, and Instagram for small business strategies should have some immediacy about it. Be agile. Stay slim. Use your size to your advantage.


Taking full advantage of Instagram for small businesses, you should also be able to be better responsive to customers, possibly on an individual basis. Customers will greatly appreciate personalized query responses. They like to know Singapore Phone Number that a real person is reading their letter. instagram small business Proving who you are and with whom you are running a business can be socially effective. It will provide your brand identity with a face on the name. It’s also important to highlight what makes you stand out from the competition.



Chances are there are many businesses around the world doing the same thing as you. How are you different? Where are you from? How is your way of doing things different? Your location, personality, values ​​and work style all come into play here, making your profile appear fresh and new. To that end, Letterfolk does this by posting pictures of the husband and wife who run the company, as well as pictures of their children. They also do things like post on the birthday of one of their family members. Celebrating milestones and anniversaries can benefit you a lot. Another thing to note by looking at Letterfolk’s

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