$3,000 to drive that 1,000 visitors, you break even Netherlands Phone Number List for your ads but will still lose money after accounting for other costs. If you spend less than $1,000 to drive that 1,000 visitors, it’s very likely for you to get a net positive ROI Netherlands Phone Number List running Facebook ads. In short, these numbers give you the roadmap to engineer your Facebook ad strategy. Notes: Which metric to track and optimize largely depends on the objectives Netherlands Phone Number List of your campaigns — which we’ve covered extensively in the free PDF. 2. PLAN YOUR STRATEGY BASED ON THE TOP-TO-BOTTOM FUNNEL New visitors are less likely to convert compared to returning visitors

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— you shouldn’t expect people to convert the firs Netherlands Phone Number List time they see your brand or visit your website (unless your product is an impulse buy). To overcome that, it’s important to understand the concept of the top and bottom of the funnel. Netherlands Phone Number List Content Marketing Funnel At the very top of the funnel, the goal is to get someone to engage, click, and make a micro-commitment. For example, the Appium team runs this ad to give Netherlands Phone Number List people who have never heard of the brand a better idea of what they do. The micro-conversion here is clicking “Learn More.” Appium Facebook ad Here’s a video ad they run to share how Appium was started.

Netherlands Phone Number List
Netherlands Phone Number List

It shows new audiences the problem Appium Netherlands Phone Number List helps solve before asking them to buy anything: Appium Facebook Video ad The bottom of the funnel (remarketing or hot traffic) then aims to drive conversion and ROI. Here, you Netherlands Phone Number List want to optimize your campaigns for conversions and focus on metrics like Cost Per Action (CPA) and ROAS. For Appium, the bottom-of-funnel campaigns promote the Netherlands Phone Number List latest deals by retargeting visitors who have landed on the deal page (on Appium’s website) but haven’t purchased. Appium Facebook ad We recommend running remarketing campaigns to the bottom of your funnel first. This way, you get to

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