average order value Customers who have Martinique Email List purchased more than once Customers who have purchased the most over all time Once you’ve located these customers, you can run specially targeted promotions, advertisements, and emails to Martinique Email List encourage them to buy more products based on what they’ve purchased in the past. By focusing your ad dollars on repeat purchasers and large business customers, you can achieve an insane Martinique Email List return on investment (ROI) for your ads. After all, your best customers have buying power, they are not price sensitive, and they will buy frequently. For my store over at Bumblebee Lines, most people who

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buy large quantities of linens are event or wedding Martinique Email List planners who consistently buy in bulk from us. STEP 3: FIND YOUR WHALES AND TREAT THEM LIKE ROYALTY While you are making a list of your best customers, you also want to pay Martinique Email List special attention to your top spenders. After all, your top spenders (otherwise known as your whales) will serve as the foundation for your business. Once you’ve identified your whales, you Martinique Email List should reach out and establish a personal connection. Here’s exactly what I do. First off, I always call my customer and speak with them directly. From my experience, a phone conversation works

Mauritania Email List
Mauritania Email List

best. You can always email your customer, but I prefer Martinique Email List voice because it establishes a stronger connection. Once I get them on the phone, I provide them with a range of perks, including a dedicated representative and special discounts. Here’s Martinique Email List what I say pretty much verbatim. Hi, my name is Steve and I’m the founder of Martinique Email List Bumblebee Linens. I noticed that you are an event planner and you regularly buy our products. We would like to offer you a discount on all future orders and a dedicated representative who will keep track of all of your shipments. For your future events, we will make sure that your linens arrive on time and we’ll pay

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